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Use 50% less Adhesive
Cut or Route in 45 Minutes
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If your PVC Trim adhesive claims to be a "filler," THAT MAY BE ALL IT DOES! You need a REAL ADHESIVE to keep it together, you need: PVC TrimWelder! If you use AZEK, KOMA, VERSATEX, KLEER, WOLF TRIM, or CERTAINTEED PVC trimboard, you need the American made, EPA Green, structural adhesive system for PVC trim and moulding. Certified through comprehensive testing at every United States PVC trim and sheet manufacturer! No one else comes close!

• Even bonds big gaps
• Stronger than the trim
• Ready to use in 5 minutes
• Fast Cure, Slow Cure & Laminating Grade
• Meets CARB and EPA VOC specifications

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PVC TrimWelder Products 50ml cartridges

220ml cartridges

400 & 1500ml cartridges available-please call
$15.46 ea

$31.65 ea

**All 50ml Cartridges REQUIRE a 50ml Dispensing Gun or Caulk-Gun Adapter (To Be Used in a Standard Caulking Gun).**
**All 220ml Cartridges REQUIRE a 220ml Dispensing Gun**
**All 400ml & 1500ml Cartridges REQUIRE a Dispensing Gun **

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KOMA is a registered trademark of Kömmerling USA, WOLF Trim is a trademark of WOLF Building Products
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